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Simply Because Water is LIFE!

Simply Because Water is LIFE!

Water is one of the basic needs of every living thing. Because water itself is LIFE! All living creatures even to the smallest organisms need water in order to continue the process of life. We all know that water is essential for the proper functioning of the man’s body, without water our system will collapse and die.

But there are places that people were deprived of water because of shortage. While others are enjoying it right from the comfort of their home.

All the chemical components and nuclear pollutant are within the environment that is no longer in harmony or natural, rain, glaciers, land, poisoning our air and water. This results in a rise in worldwide health threats. Today it is well-known that our water is full of toxins. All the atmospheric releases of radioactive pollutants into the air, smog, industrial waste in lakes, radiative rainfalls, rivers, landfills, and oceans, let our natural sources become a catastrophic tragedy.

The truth is, we are not drinking clean and safe water. There are so many information behind water and its properties that we people not really aware of. We have to find our ways to shield the environment and our body from those irretrievable damages. We need to be aware of every inch of water information. We can take advantage the use of technology to search more about water which is essential as it directly influences 60-75% of our body and also helps the planet Earth which is mostly water.

The ideal health condition of the human body is with a neutral pH which is 7. Anything below to it is considered as acidic which make the human body imbalance that makes it more prone to illness. Contrary to that, the pH level which is above 7 is alkaline. This state is beneficial because of the fact that it neutralizes the acidity in the body. It neutralizes harmful waste substances inside the body, to slow or even reverse acidification and oxidation.

Simply Because Water is LIFE!

Eating healthy foods and drinks that regulate metabolic activity in our body is one of the best ways to keep the pH to a neutral and balanced level of 7. An easy method to come up with alkaline water is altering the ionic nature of water. Alkaline water promotes better blood circulation, boosts your metabolism, allows nutrients to be absorbed more proficiently, and helps prevent disorders from the immune system.

We should take note that at least half the daily water consumption should be alkaline water. I know everyone is aware that the average water consumption recommended is 8 glasses of water a day. For more information, you can visit freealkalinepitcher.com.